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Package # 1 - The Token

A one hour video session capturing an interview with one person telling the companies history to an interviewer.

Package # 2 - The Keepsake

A one and a half hour interview video featuring 100 photos interspersed throughout as well as and one other media type  
(8mm, audio, VHS, - 10 minutes or less).

Package # 3 - The Heirloom

The package offers a one and a half-hour recording (can be up to two hours) of the interview, 150 photos, including a film 
photo option and two other media types.

Package # 4 - The Business Plan 

For this package, it would feature interviews with 3-4 company executives (or former executives), employees (or former employees) interviewed together (or individually) reliving the history of the company and presented interspersed with photographs, film, and other media types to be determined. 


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