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Sharing your Personal History

 Per-Spec-Tiv is Vital.   Historians agree that memories and passed down stories have significant historical significance.   Whether it’s recounting a journey, sharing personal beliefs about an important historical event or even the significance of a favorite family tradition, oral history depends on your memory and your voice. We have just one lifetime and we may not be around for our great grandkids to ask us questions.  By you telling your story, it provides information about your everyday life that is unavailable from traditional sources. 

Why not assist future generations with their knowledge?  

Step One-
We meet and discuss what you had in mind to preserve your history.  Who's story will it be?  Who will be interviewed?  What would you like to include?  A finalized outline of the project and dates for interviews are the result of this step.  The outline would also contain any other media types to be included in the project such as photos, films, maps, etc.

Step Two-
The Interview!  It will take place in a place of your choosing and the length of the interview is dependent on the project or package selected.  It can range from 1 to 2 hours.

Step Three-
Putting it all together!  The interview is edited and other media is included (music, photos, other footage, documents).  

Step Four-
You receive the final product, be it on the Web, a DVD, CD, digital files, etc. 



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